Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Thing That Is Out There

A "new organization" is launching a petition to appeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. They're keeping their identities a secret for the time being, probably because they could be exposed as far-right whack jobs if and when they "come out". So far, petition signers include "wild" Bill Whatcott, one A. Gretsky, and the same old crew from FreeD. Apparently, they've found an MP that will formally introduce their petition if they get enough names.

PS. Or the folks behind it could be Alexandra Hutton (former Conservative party employee) and a group of students.


Reality Bites said...

People who think online petitions matter are just so darn cute!

Even paper petitions don't matter, but online ones tend to be signed by Seymour Butts and Holden McGroin.

I'd also ask those people how well those petitions presented to the Commons almost daily by Canadian Alliance MPs imploring the government not to change the definition of marriage worked out for them. About as well as the ones two decades earlier asking Mulroney to bring back the death penalty.

Petitions only count when they're being used to let a government justify doing what they want to do anyway. Beyond that, they're a complete waste of the organizers time. Offering blow jobs to eunuchs would be more rewarding.

Ti-Guy said...

Coincidentally, that site contains the trillionth word uttered by the speechies to protest the restrictions on their right to speak. The count began shortly after Kathie Shaidle wrote "Arabs are violent retards"...for the first time, that is.