Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garry Breitkreuz: Iggy Needs A Beating

His call to physical violence can be found here. Get your screen-shots now.

“The government prorogued Parliament to realign the Senate committees so our party could finally pass some legislation,” explains Breitkreuz. “Now that it’s finally possible to garner Senate support to scrap the registry, the Liberal leader is trying to completely change the game in the House of Commons. It’s an act of desperation that insults the intellect of Canadians. His true colours are showing, and if his caucus has any integrity, those colours should be black and blue.”

And also, according to Garry, the cops can be bought:

Pro-registry groups such as the Coalition for Gun Control and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) are politically-motivated lobby groups that derive financial support from pro-registry sources.

“Their positions are tainted and suspect in my view, because their endorsement can be bought,” says Breitkreuz. “CGI Group is a major registry software contractor, and a major contributor to the CACP coffers. Could it be that CACP support for the registry is financially motivated?

Damn. This guy must be one of those principled conservatives = crazy.


bubba said...

I dont think he means any more black and blue than Guegis and Jaffer are right now, Maybe Im wrong but I dont see the reference to violence though he may feel that way.

bubba said...

I am actually pretty sure ill get beat up on this post for that last comment.

Anonymous said...

More like Garry Notsobreitkreuz....

Gene Rayburn said...

well what about the "cops can be bought" thing then bubba?

Meta Kaizen said...

That's a call to violence?

Good grief.

Gallahad said...


Guergis/Jaffer are getting beat up as you call it for their own nefarious behaviour.

Ignatieff is taking a stand on an issue.

The "cops can be bought" is pretty rich for the tough on crime, law and order party.

Garry is a goof.

Ti-Guy said...

That's a call to violence?

Look, it's enough that the rest of us all sound like dime-store hoods; we should at least expect better from our politicians.

Besides, with a name like Breitkreuz, one can never be too vigilant, knowhatimean?

Ti-Guy said...

Well, that was quick.

Gene Rayburn said...

Meta Kaizen, sure it is. If it was a Liberal or NDP MP that had made the statement the Conbots would be all afire.

I guess it depends on whether you believe things apply to everyone or just to us non-conservatives...

Gallahad said...

Garry must have thought it was a call to violence because he has already apologized.

TG, provided the link for that.

He also called the CACP, a "cult"

Here is his quote:

"It's like a cult that is led by organizations of police chiefs who pretend the registry helps them do their jobs. They should be ashamed of themselves"

Not exactly the kind of headlines the "Tough on crime" gang want to generate.

They want the registry abolished, and facts do not get in the way of their idealogy.

ridenrain said...

"After all, Stephen Harper is the most dangerous animal lurking in the jungles of Parliament, writes Scott Reid. Kill him. Kill him dead. Do not, whatever you do, provide him with an opportunity to extend his hold on power.


Gene Rayburn said...

Ridenrain, there is a difference between a party strategist and an MP.

You'd probably call the cops if one of the neighbourhood kids called you an name.

Got beaten up a lot as a kid did you?

sharonapple88 said...

Well at least Breitkreuz didn't say Iggy needed to be shot. It shows a degree of restraint.

And may I note that Scott Reid (also the source of the "beer and popcorn" comment) didn't actually write "kill him"... that is unless I'm looking at the wrong editorial. Plus, Reid was the former communications director (and former for a good reason) when he wrote that. Garry Breitkreuz -- sitting MP.

Tof KW said...

OK ridenrain I'll bite. Where exactly in this Globe & Mail article you are referring to, did Scott Reid call for Harper to be assassinated?

Why the opposition can't back down now

Oh oh, he called for the voters to put Harper in his political grave. Someone call the RCMP!!!

Seriously ridenrain, if you can't come here and have an intelligent debate, go over to the Flogging Bories forum with this shit. Grown ups are trying to have a conversation here.

Gallahad said...

Vic Toews, also chimes in with an assisnine atetement.

He says there is not "ONE" police officer in the country who supports the registry.

RidenRain, I asked you on the previous thread to formulate an argument as to why you want the registry aboilished.

If you can put an argument together, and provide some links to back up your claims, you can have an intelligent debate, with others on this board.

I am waiting for you to do that.

ridenrain said...

"Editor's note: The original version of this article has been amended since publication."

This change has been so well documented that I really don't need to prove it. If you refuse to accept that he wrote that, your really hitting the kool-aid way too hard.

All parties do this on occasion but feel free to open a fresh can of "righteous indignation" if you like.
As for police being for sale.. I think I'll wait until ex-RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli writes a book.

Gene Rayburn said...

ridenrain = fail!

Tof KW said...

ridenrain if anyone's an expert on drinking the kool-aid it's you.

Reid did not call for him to be killed even in the original draft, and he was fired as a strategist (rightly so) after this opinion piece was published.

Breitkreuz is a sitting MP, and last time I checked an elected public official is held to a much higher standard than a backroom party hack.

BTW - there is an entire news cable network in the US that rants like Reid against their elected government 24-7. Interesting what reaction there is when a Liberal strategist tries this tactic in reverse. All is fair for the loony-right, but not the wingnut-left?

sharonapple88 said...

Hey, if Reid said or wrote those things, he's a fool,(the guy's a bit of a gaff machine... former communications director for a reason) just as Breitkreuz is an fool for making the comments he did.

Ti-Guy said...

Figures it wouldn't take a troll long to dig up that quote from Scott Reid to claim "Libewals didz it two!!!".

Courtesy of Kinsella, let's review the record of Conservative knuckle-dragger Garry Breitkreuz:

“MP Garry Breitkreuz said giving gays human rights protection would “open the avenue” to them going into schools to promote their lifestyle.” – Toronto Star, Oct. 14, 1994
* “Saskatchewan MP Garry Breitkreuz says by funding the NFB, the government is allowing homosexuality to be promoted in elementary and secondary schools. “Where is the government’s common sense – in the sewer with these videos?” Breitkreuz said in a statement yesterday.” – Star, Nov. 10, 1994
* “Millions of pellet guns and air-powered rifles — often used for target practice or hunting squirrels — will soon be declared firearms and require gun licences, according to the Canadian Alliance. Garry Breitkreuz, a Saskatchewan Alliance MP, charges the Liberals plan to keep the change secret until after the Nov. 27 vote.” – National Post, Nov. 18, 2000
* “In the Fifties, buggery was a criminal offence. Now it’s a requirement to receive benefits from the federal government.” Garry Breitkreuz, National Post, Nov. 21, 2000
* “Breitkreuz says the fundamental question of fetal rights must be determined before Parliament can address what he calls “the atrocities now occurring” in the field of reproductive technologies.” – Star, Feb. 12, 2001
* “A Saskatchewan Conservative MP is coming under fire for his starring role at a gun lobby dinner in the Greater Toronto area next month where the raffle prize is a Beretta semi-automatic handgun. Garry Breitkreuz is the guest speaker at the Canadian Shooting Sports Association’s (CSSA) annual general meeting and dinner on April 18 in Mississauga, where he’s to be lauded for his private member’s bill to abolish Canada’s controversial long-gun registry and relax rules on prohibited and restricted weapons.” – Star, March 19, 2009

Go fuck yourselves, trolls.

Gallahad said...

Can somebody help me out here,

Was there not a reform party MP, who also said it was alright if you had an employee who was a visible minority, that it was OK to keep them shuttered in the back out of sight of their customers.

Did tory MP, Cheryl Gallant, compare beheadings in Iraq to abortions performed in Canada?

Did Stephen Harper accuse Paul Martin of supporting pornography?

Did Cheryl Gallant also want gay rights not to be protected under Canada's hate laws, because she felt it encouraged pedophilia?

Did reform party MP, Randy White say to heck with the courts?

The litany of garbage from the Reform, Alliance, and the CPC, party could go on ad nauseum.

As TG, says tory trolls FUCK OFF!!!

ridenrain said...

How about this one then?
He apologized too.

"On Thursday, Shawn Murphy, the LIBERAL MP for Charlottetown, was heard in the House of Commons saying: "Get tough on crime, bring forth Brian Mulroney! Hang him high, hang Mulroney! Let's get this Mulroney before the courts as soon as possible and hang him high! We gotta get Mulroney, put a noose on his head, put a noose on his head. Get tough on crime."

That was only 2 years ago... or does that not count either?
Fact is, no one party is immune to this and playing politics with it is just small town cheap.

Tof KW said...

That was only 2 years ago... or does that not count either?

That was a personal exchange between Murphy & Ed Fast (MP from Abbotsford BC) - featuring mockery and highlighting his hypocrisy. Though it was in bad taste, it was also not published on official letterhead.

Gene Rayburn said...

how did you finish school Ridenrain? Did you ever complete an assignment or did you tell the teacher that they complete themselves and then insult them?

ridenrain said...

Not political rhetoric but a call to hang someone, spoken in the house of parliament.
He still works for the Liberal party too.

but, but but... that was "different".. and then nothing but personal attacks.

Ti-Guy said...

Thank you.

Gene Rayburn said...

Shorter Ridenrain: I'm too stupid to explain myself so I'll keep blathering.