Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sun Media Steps Back From Brink?

Glenn Garnett, Sun Media's VP of editorial, has agreed to meet with Ontario Press Council reps and "discuss" their decision to pull out of the regulatory body.

Funny that Sun Media would make their decision in the midst of the News Of The World Scandal.  But I still think its about money.  Accountability costs.  Casting off the bonds of respectability in tough economic times is like cutting corners when you're building a bridge.  It makes fiscal sense... for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Take out the 27 Sun Media outlets and read the editorials for the past year of the remaining 10 media outlets. Then you'll get a very good idea of how left those 10 are.

bigcitylib said...

Nice to see that The Left is still willing to respond to reader complaints.

double nickel said...

So, PK, are you admitting that right wing outlets outnumber left wing outlets by 2 to 1?

Anonymous said...

That's why Media can ruin the private rights of everyone.

Maria[zoot suits]