Saturday, March 31, 2012

GM Defunds Heartland Institute

General Motors, the world's largest carmaker, has confirmed that it is pulling funding from the Heartland Institute, an ultra-conservative thinktank known for its scepticism about climate change.

This is a result of the efforts of the much maligned Peter Gleick, who several months back conned Heartland out of some of their budget documents. And you know, I am all for measuring a person's contribution to the culture wars in strict $ terms. So I can fairly say that I have cost evil people $1,000s of Cdn $ for one reason or another. Mr. Gleick has single-handedly cost the Heartland Institute $15,000 directly and who knows how much more indirectly. Can any of those in the climate science community who have condemned him boast of doing more?


Anonymous said...

So you're saying it's OK to lie as long as it supports your cause???

bigcitylib said...

Lying is WRONG. Its just weird how it all worked out in this case. Funny world eh?