Friday, March 23, 2012

You Know The NDP Is In Town

..the TTC operators are extra surly.

On my way to the convention center, a senior got on the bus in front of me with a couple of obsolete tokens.  He told the driver that was all he had, and several other people on board offered to cover.  Naturally, a standoff ensued, with the driver calling both TTC security and police.  When my bus pulled up and a load of disgruntled passengers got aboard, two cop cars had blocked another lane of traffic.  I think the senior got away clean.

Later, these passengers just WOULD NOT move back no matter how much the driver swore, although little old ladies were accommodated.

And so the TTC Staff vs passenger cold war continues apace.  Why cant we all just get along? Anyway, things are taking off down on the convention floor. A welcoming prayer...

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sassy said...

The driver must have been a conservative.