Friday, March 23, 2012

Peggy Nash Survives Major Teleprompter Malfunction

pSuddenly, the text started zipping up the screen then it stopped, wound back, and then started zipping by again.  Peggy stumbled a bit, improvised re her collective bargaining victories, and the wind-up music kicked.  Peggy was ill-served on this one.  And the two municipal pols she brought in flubbed their lines.

My favorite so far is still Cullen, who went entirely lo tech ; Mulcair wailed through his text too fast, but has a nice voice.

Update: it appears that Nash went off-script and the techie was scrolling back and forth to figure out where she was supposed to be.   Finally, they brought in the music and killed her mic. And Mulcair's army of live drummers impeded his advance to the stage such that when he finally arrived he had burnt though half of his speech time.

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