Sunday, March 04, 2012

Libertarian Civil War!

When Libertarians fight, we all win.  Frankly, I can't see much difference if the Koch brothers own or merely control The Cato Institute; its credibility remains zero either way.

And as to WHY the brothers have decided to move now, well, I've heard several rumours.  One is that an audit of the Institute's computers revealed a stash of pictures where the head of Ayn Rand had been photo-shopped onto the bodies of various naked celebs.  Especially Ronald Reagan.  Another is that the Koch's were unhappy with Cato's support of the Libertarian Island Concept.  That's where Libertarians would buy a private island and govern it according to the principles of their political philosophy--ie. no laws, no restrictions on the ownership of fire-arms.  So: an island full of heavily armed nerds and no police or women anywhere in sight.  D'you remember that scene in Apocalypse Now where the army brings in Playboy Bunnys to entertain the troops and they dance around to CCR and the lads all go apeshit at the sight of undulating female flesh?
The same thing will happen on Libertarian Island first time Ann Coulter flies in to give a lecture. Naturally the Koch brothers want no part of that.


Rev.Paperboy said...

I think it will be more like the scene where the boat stops to get fuel and finds a bunch of soldiers stoned to the tits and firing in all directions at the non-existent enemy they are sure is out there. Capt. Willard asks one soldier where their commanding officer is and who is in charge, and he the soldier says "I thought you were, sir"

liberal supporter said...

No the bikers will show up and take over. They are after all, the modern remnant of the oldest form of government in the world. And no group of more than 2 people has ever existed without constructing some sort of government. Remember, the bikers called themselves 1 percenters long before the occupy movement gave that name to the rich.

bigcitylib said...

That presumes the bikers can swim.