Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Interesting Words From Justin Trudeau

Though not quite as definitive as WK seems to think.  And Justin's particular suggestion-- a panicked attempt at merger in the runup to the 2015 election if the polls look crappy-- will not end well for anyone, let alone our poor nation.  And I am also not yet convinced that the the LPoC can't reclaim enough of Ontario and Que. to form a government on its own.

That said, if Justin is softening to the idea he can convince others to as well.  But the merger either has to get started AS SOON AS the LPoC has a new leader in place, or in the aftermath of 2015.  The timing doesn't work otherwise (because the merger process will be protracted and miserable and everyone will hate one another for awhile).


liberal supporter said...

Freed of the "force an election if you dare" response to every scandal in the last 5 years, we're now forcing CPC to be the ones who won't call an election over robocalls and all the other scandals that will surface in the next three years.

If the next leader continues to act like Rae, demonstrating honesty such as fessing up to two cases of bad behaviour now and not immediately saying the other guys did it, we'll be in good shape. Assuming the trail from Robocoup leads to the CPC itself, adscam too will pale in comparison.

No merger required. Our ace in the hole is treating Canadians as adults, and as not stupid.

ij said...

Are there enough Canadians who deserve to be treated thus to make a difference?