Saturday, March 24, 2012

NDP Convention: Day 2

Others have given a better sum up of yesterday's events than I could, so I won't bother.  Beyond some erratic speechifying, the Dippers pulled off a pretty solid day 1. 

However, while nothing is certain, there seems to be a distinct worry among NDP insiders that this thing could all end too quickly, without having generated a sufficient degree of drama and excitement.  My understanding is that live tv coverage of the proceedings will not begin until 1:00 pm.  Given that round one results will be available at 10, and that organizers think they can get things ready for the 2nd go-round in less than two hours, the contest has to run at least three votes if people at home are going to see the big wind-up in real time.  There is a small but definite possibility that when the big media players swing their cameras towards the convention floor they find people mopping up and going home after an overwhelming Thomas Mulcair victory.

Meanwhile here's some video of yesterday's real WTF moment--NDP MP Charlie Angus doing a rap duet with some guy I've never heard of.

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