Saturday, March 24, 2012

Its Descended Into CHAOS!

The computers have crashed and the vote was going to be delayed!  Then the announcement announcing the delay was delayed!  Now they have successfully announced the delayed announcement!  The delay is officially in effect, until 5:40 when things are supposed to get back on track.  I'm getting flashbacks to the Democratic Convention of Chicago, '68.

The NDP official position is that its all a DOS attack.  On the other hand, I suspect Kinsella peed on a server.  But if he threatens to sue I will retract that statement. 

And its as though the whole city has decided to join in the convention spirit.  A chunk of glass fell from the Trump Tower and the cops have sealed off Bay & Adelaide.  I think that's Stephen Taylor's fault.  He's been lurking about the place something fierce.  But, again, first time a lawyer calls this statement goes bye bye.

As for me, I'm waiting patiently for goddamn history to happen.  Its happening awefully slow.

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