Friday, March 02, 2012

A Point Worth Noting

Keith Beardsley writes:

Canadians are tuned into this story because they get these types of calls all the time. They understand the issue. Who hasn’t been called at the dinner hour by some type of telemarketer? Even if they weren’t called in the last election the general public can relate to the story, for this reason alone this story is real to Canadians and they are paying attention to it.

I would go even further and say that a fair number of Canadians have had direct contact with the Responsive Marketing Group, one of the phone spammers at the heart of the controversy.  Check out the remarks on them at 800 notes.  Lets just say that they are known and not well loved.


Jamal Singh said...

Bill 37 was submitted on February 23, 2012 by PC MPP Jack MacLaren. It removes all protection for animals in Ontario and takes animal welfare back to the 1800s. Who is really behind Bill 37. Click to see
Go to the signing boxes for name and password and hit Type in a few letters You will get an ERROR message which says CONTACT US it is a link. Click on CONTACT US and see where it takes you. Could Randy Hillier have had another tech error. Wonder if the Integrity Department will believe that again. The PCs need to be hung out to dry for this one.

bigcitylib said...

Thx. I'll look into that.

sassy said...

Hi Jamal, Although off topic your comment caught my attention. I can't seen to find the wording of Bill 37 so I will visit my MPP's office next week to find out more about it.