Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Shmuley Boteach Carves B’nai Brith Canada A New One

You know I've seen the original clip (below).  Michael Coren says the Jews control Hollywood and use it as a platform to trash Christians.  Then he walks it back and suggests Jews don't control Hollywood, but are so influential there that they can use its resources to make movies that trash Christians. Its really that plain.

So it is passing strange strange that B'nai Brith's Frank Dimant should have so vigorously defended Coren. Or rather, it isn't given who Dimant typically pals around with,  but still it does him no credit that he should give Coren a pass on this stuff merely because he has defended Israel and bashed Muslims in the past.

 But Shumley says it better.  Let's turn the floor over to him:

Unfortunately, Dimant’s unbelievable defense of Coren has given him license to vilify me non-stop on his TV show while simultaneously defending the “saintly” Pope Pius. Indeed, Dimant himself sat in total silence while Coren made fun of my height, name, appearance, and then slandered my character. I have long given up hope of Sun TV reining in their shameful, immature, and unprofessional host and clearly they will give a TV show to absolutely anyone. But I did expect much more from a Jewish organization which purports to defend the Jewish community. We are a community that has been maligned for millennia and must be on our guard against defamation, and that applies also to extremist right-wing commentators like Coren who are friends with conservative Jews but who savagely attack liberal Jews. We are one people and dare not allow outsiders to divide us.

Truth be told, I gave Coren an out. Right after the interview was over, as he ordered me out of his studio, I asked him if he really wanted to be known for those comments. His reaction was to grow extremely aggressive, tell me I was threatening him, and then to have his Jewish intern attack me as well. I refused to leave the studio as he tried to evict me, enforcing my long-stated policy of ‘No tolerance for Intolerance.’ I told Coren he can call security, but I would not leave until I spoke to one of his superiors. Ever since, Coren’s attacks have lowered the bar on any semblance of journalistic professionalism or adult maturity, repeatedly attacking my name, appearance, and height. But though Coren chooses to be a disgrace to his profession and network, that does not mean that respected Jewish organizations need condone such shameful behavior.

Go get 'em Shmuley.


brennerman said...

Have any other mainstream Jewish groups chastised t,he Rabbi as has B'Nai Brith?

bigcitylib said...

JDL did, if that counts.

brennerman said...

JDL is that a mainstream Jewish group? I was thinking more of CJC OR UJA or some such group.

bigcitylib said...

Jewish Defense League is mainstream according to Jewish Defense League. Less so otherwise. None of the other orgs has said anything.

CYLON said...

Wow, the good Rabbi has certainly taken Coren behind the woodshed for the trashing he deserves. Coren when confronted with reasoned critics like Shmuley can only resort to hysterics and abuse.

Anonymous said...

The fact that no real Jewish groups came to Coren's defense says it all.