Friday, October 05, 2012

Another "If Only We Had Known" Moment From The Harper Tories


Anonymous said...

For teh Harper reading books and learning stuff is elitist and is to be eschewed at every opportunity. Damn even using the word eschewed is elitist, especially if you use it correctly.
In a government that reveres the stupid is it any surprise that they screw up on issues of fact?

jrkrideau said...

Taylor said Kent, the minister responsible for Parks Canada — which oversees the historic recognition program — will issue a statement later Friday “distancing” the government from MacMurchy’s views. “We were caught blindsided,” he said.

This is the level of Conservative competence???

On the other hand did anyone notice that Parks Canada took a big hit this summer?

While I would not expect a Canadian civil servant to set up the minister, it would not surprise me that if an initial objection was ignored, any normally conscientious cs might say, " I warned you,it's on your plate now".