Tuesday, October 09, 2012

B.C. Is Special

From The G&M:

The Conservatives have always seemed like a party that was a few slices short of a loaf. For years it hung around the fringes of the B.C. political scene, switching mostly unknown leaders between elections while fighting a reputation for attracting oddballs and religious zealots. To the extent that it existed at all, it existed mostly in name only.


Clearly, the Conservatives are in complete turmoil. Mr. Cummins can attempt to minimize the problem if he wants, but plugging his ears and wishing his troubles away won’t help. Last month’s leadership vote clearly did not address internal issues. At this point, Mr. Cummins would seem to have little choice but to either resign or announce that he is willing to face a challenge from other candidates.

Gary Mason, author of the above, apparently thinks having a divisive leadership race that will end a couple weeks before next year's election is called will somehow put the B.C. Tories into contention.  But let's face it--Cummins is the provincial equivalent of Elizabeth May: a mainstream figure drafted-in to make a party of  largely weirdos appear normal to mainstream--to, in this case, non-Zalmoids.   The "rank and file" should be kissing his ass, but instead they seem intent on dumping him and reclaiming the fringe right.

And if you want to meet the jilted Tory lunatic who's largely behind the internal revolt, well that would be Dean Skoreyko.  If Christy Clark wins again, something that can no longer be consider beyond possibility, she should appoint him to something.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame to see the Hook using the rants of Dean. They should be aware that he hiides in his echo-chamber only allowing those who agree with him the chance to comment.
The Hok might be just disturbing the poop but using the rantings of such a coward to do so is not a cool thing to do.

Jim Parrett said...

Is there a Department of Idiocy available?

the salamander said...

As an outsider, looking (and reading and following) on from Ontario I must admit I have questions re BC and Alberta and the odd 'politics' or 'government' that are unfolding, evolving or becoming unhinged.. (and all this after the intriguing ballet of former premier-miscreant Campbell, now having tea we suppose with the Queen, or judging the current Twit of the Year Contest... in auld England .. Wot ?)

I must ask for clarification... Did anyone see Ms Clark coming? Was she appointed or anointed? Her original political or business or personal affiliation with the departed Mr Boessenkool is/was ? (please say it was not because they both were under Stephen Harper's dark and ugly spell !)

I'm astounded that Ms Clark can simply decide at her whim, the fall BC legislature will not be held (or needed).. What next from parliamentary revisionism or democratic denialism... 'We'll just have to skip the next provincial election' due to ferry scheduling issues.. or I have a headache.. and I'm feeling logy.. so no election folks'

Good luck with Albertawa and the pipeline idiocy.. and unregulated and un-inspected fracking.. and the fleet of VLCC bitumen tankers that China is building. Steve Harper is right there for you.. so is John Baird, so is Joe Oliver.. and your environment is in the semi conscious hands of zombie Peter Kent, who's body has been taken over by aliens.. as has your federal Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and Coast Guard.. Keith Ashfield who really gives a maritime hoot about your damn fish habitat, salmon or rivers or tides. What Stephen Harper says.. is The Law.. or he will omnibus one lickedy split.

We're all in this together BC... Your pain is my pain, is our pain
We call it Canada .. we 'get it' .. ie the snowjob-whackjob going on via Harper
The piglet A-HoleMinisters riding his coat-tails are pathetic empty windbag brutes
The Department of Idiocy is based in Ottawa ..
They are selling (giving) franchises to the stupid..
Contact The Conservative Party of Canada or Ethical Oil
or The Manning Center for Democracy, or the Fraser Institute for free franchises..

.. but WAIT THERE"S MORE' .. Contribute 10,000 (US)
to re-elect or rehabilitate Dean Del Mastro or Rob Anders
and you get a pail of actual 'heavy oil' from Alberta ...
and an F-35 picture autographed by Peter Mackay
and a stuffed wild salmon .....