Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ezra Levant...My Part In His Downfall

Well,it finally happened:

On Thursday October 11, 2012, Toronto's Roma Community Centre officially reported a hate crime to the Toronto Police Services and an investigation is now underway.

This was in response to overtly racist, prejudicial, and demeaning statements made by Sun News Network commentator, Ezra Levant, which were broadcast live on television throughout Canada.

And indeed the Toronto police have confirmed that an investigation is underway.  The way these things work is they will interview everyone involved, including Ezra, and then decide whether or not to approach the attorney general.  So Ezra will get a chance to do his whole "outraged" act, as with the gal from the Alberta Human Rights Commission back in 2008:

God, those were the days.

And I'll tell you a true story. Back in 2008 I was an up-and-coming blogger, and Ezra in the process of crashing and burning The Western Standard.  He had bragged on his own blog that there would be some awesome video footage coming next morning, and to stay tuned for the exclusive.  But me, realizing the time difference between here and Alta., got up early and pinched the footage off his youtube channel before he could post it, then shopped the link to NN and other news outlets.  The rest, as they say, is history...the Neo-Nazis, the lawsuits, the repeal of S13.

Remember, old Ez didn't have much clout at the time; if he had pushed the story it probably would have gone nowhere.  So in a way he owes me for relaunching his career.  He couldn't have moved out of his dad's basement, come to Toronto and made himself a Fox News North Super Star, without my help.

Mind you, he also wouldn't have been able to launch his Anti-Roma rant and get himself investigated. Now the guy might wind up doing slammer time, married to the inmate with the most cigarettes. Funny how things go.  Its almost like Life is a Wheel, that goes up before it goes down...

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the salamander said...

Who's the very patient woman on the left ?
She seems interesting.. yet barely says a word
never complains

I assume that's Ezra whining, crying on the right
He talks non stop about how hard done by he is
Was he reading from a script ?