Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Story Could Blow Sky High

TORONTO – The Federal Conservatives rejected the suggestion on Tuesday that they sat on an extradition request from the United States for a businessman who is close to senior cabinet ministers.

Nathan Jacobson, a philanthropist and businessman who was friendly with Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, was arrested Thursday in his Toronto home on a provisional warrant granted after a request by the federal justice department.

The guy helped process payments from "adult" sites, among other things. And I've heard worse stuff about him. The issue politically is, everyone knows him. Leftys, Rightys, in-between-ys. He's a genuinely friendly, charismatic guy. If he goes down, who goes down with him?  Does his downfall trend Left or Right?

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the salamander said...

Yes.. Mr Jacobson .. For Harper, Baird, Kenney, Toews and any other Conservative to say they did not know he was under indictment is laughable.. That implies they ignore or don't read newspapers, or important prepared briefs by CSIS, RCMP, federal aides, secretaries or underlings.

I wonder if Peter Kent, Joe Oliver, Fantino, Clement, Mackay, Flaherty will have to claim they never heard of the man.

Recent mainstream media reported re Mr Jacobson's on site inspections and reports of the tar sands infrastructure security capability/shortfalls with a small cadre of international security experts. Later mainstream articles pointed out that he did not appear in an American court as scheduled.. and had been declared a fugitive.

His suits and countersuits.. and 'in camera' agreements re his conflicts with The Harper Government are legendary.

He toured Israel with John Baird and a mutual rabbi friend, I believe.. certainly not a crime.. His relationship with Jason Kenney seems a bit odd, but then Jason Kenney is quite odd. The photo op with Harper, the PM of Israel and all the pomp and flags was no doubt at an Alberta community BBQ or picnic where everyone stood on a stage in business suits and smiled.

A loyal donor and personal friend of almost every one of these Conservatives and a deeply entrenched political insider who seems very connected to their zealous and intensely odd loyalty to Israel ?? Yes

A high school and even lifelong friend of Pat Martin, and a political donor of Martin's.. Yes. Martin seems refreshingly open, knowledgeable and concerned re the hard times his friend has fallen into...

The Harper faction friends.. not so much .. Perhaps he reminds them of their indicted friend and insider crony Bruce Carson.. which makes them want to not remember and conveniently not be aware of his current indictment.. or his previous convictions.

Talk about de-friending ...