Saturday, October 20, 2012

Its Usefulness At An End?

A brief note on an otherwise uneventful Saturday.  There has been no new material added to the Ethical Oil website since September 10th.  The same thing applies to their twitter feed. Furthermore, most of the people that took over from creators Ezra Levant and Alykhan Velshi seem to have left the project. Kathryn Marshall hasn't had much to say since her demotion.   And (something I had missed previously) Jordan Graham quit after a mere two months, deciding that he didn't want to live in Ottawa. Before September 10th posts were coming at a rate of one or two per week.  Worth noting that, as these posts accumulated, opposition to the Northern Gateway Project  rose inexorably.

Has the money behind the AstroTurf asked these folks to kindly STFU?  Wouldn't surprise me.

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Holly Stick said...

Sounds like they've got a better class of shill these days, something that used to be a national newspaper: