Sunday, October 14, 2012

Your Daily Nazi: Canuck Nazi Threatens To Kill Facebook Founder!!

We all have issues with The Facebook.  For Canadian Neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau, they appear to centre around the fact that its founder Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish, not around the fact that The Facebook experience has sucked for years and is getting worse.  But Goudreau has also struck closer to home, threatening a well-known Ontario hate crime expert in addition to the relatively unattainable Mr. Zuckerberg.  Surely, those journalists and on-line activists who supported the repeal of Section 13 will leap, leap to denounce Mr. Goudreau, for the only means  available  to fight such people after the repeal of the nation's one effective bit of hate speech legislation is to initiate a stream of counter-chatter.  Jonathon Kay...Mark Selley..start blithering

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