Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Opportunities For Blogging At Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention?

Are there going to be any?  I'm told that the big do will be held at Maple Leaf Gardens, the site of so many glorious victories these last years.  One rumor says it will be an old fashioned delegated convention.  Another says the potentials will just get drunk and draw straws.

In any case, the federal NDP let us bloggers all in for free, and gave us a place to set up and write from.  Frankly, they made it too difficult to get at the free food and booze--you had to swap a single MSM pass-card back and forth among bloggers and then fight Postmedia guys for a last lick from the bottom of the whiskey bottle--but they tried.  Nevertheless, Ontario Libs Should be able top their performance easily.  Because Libs are supposed to be the normal folk--you show up at one of their parties, and you get fed, liquored up, and maybe even laid.  Just like going to a neighbor's BBQ.

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Jim (Progressive Right) said...

The NDP convention had some good snacks.