Sunday, February 24, 2013

Doug Christie, Lawyer For Canada's Far Right, Has Been Diagnosed With Liver Cancer

This post came to my attention yesterday, from Christie client Arthur Topham, who I have written about on several occasions:

Among Mr. Christie's other accomplishments beyond defending white supremacists was his creation of the Western Canada Concept, one of Canada's first Western Separatist parties and a precursor of the Reform Party

So, a storied career, then.

Be interesting to see what happens should Mr. Christie retire.  There are not too many people in this country willing to do his job.  In fact I think there is just one.


Anonymous said...

I used to dump on Mr. Christie cause he is or was an Alberta separatist and the fact that he represented that Zundle guy but I certainly hope he will be okay and pull through this stuff. I’m a proud bleeding heart leftists and an confessed socialists but I do support free speech and the right to be defended in a court of law; even if you’re an alleged holocaust denier. As far as being a socialists: I love Alberta being part of Canada. That way they can fund their fair share of equal wealth redistributing.

Get well soon Mr. Christie and God bless.

Kurt Phillips said...

Well, there's still a chance that Chi-Kun Shi or Peter Lindsay (one of Zundel's lawyers) might take up the slack, however that might be problematic. Tomasz Winnicki had Chi-Kun Shi as his lawyer and he was criticized for allowing a, "non-white" to defend him. And as Chi-Kun Shi and Peter Lindsay are, I believe, married, that throws another wrench into the gears.

susansmith said...

sadly this is a very dire diagnosis with little chance for recovery. That said, I wish him the best public health care possible, excellent pain management, and the capacity to live until he dies.

Carmichael said...

You sad sacks would wish Hitler the best of luck with his retirement too, wouldn't you?

Get used to the idea that the death of an enemy of humanity and democracy is a victory no matter how it comes about.

Maxamillion said...

Christie may be many things but comparison to Hitler is ridiculous.In general Nazi comparisons are lame.

Carmichael said...

And you don't have the wit to understand that a mention is not a comparison.

Maxamillion said...

When u resort to personal attacks u know u lost the argument

Carmichael said...

Personal attacks, is it?


Smug little prick. Maybe the best thing would be for you to go and tend the fascist asshole at his bedside. Someone needs to clean out his bedpan and you've already got shit all over you.

That's a personal attack, twit.

Commenting on your wit or lack thereof is not.

Don't bother son - I'm gone.

Meir Weinstein said...

I have no regard for the lawyer of Zundel. Let him think about the pain he put survivors of the Holocaust through.

Meir Weinstein said...

Bigcity or Mike, your reference to far right is an insult.

Cottonwood Joe said...

BCL: As you may be aware there is a legal ban on my communicating directly with the two false accusers in my current sec. 319(2)"hate crime" case so please understand that this message is intended specifically for you and not any of the zio riff raff that frequent your blog on occasion.

Good of you to alert the public to Doug's condition BCL and at the same time, in doing so, expose the vile, satanic, nature of those Jews, Harry the Hypocrite and Meir Weinstein (another raving Zionist zealot), who, in typical Commie/Bolshevik/Stalinist fashion get their rocks off tormenting and belittling those who are already suffering pain and anguish.

God grant that these two pathetically poor excuses for human beings end up in far worse situations when their names come up on the role call.

Meir Weinstein said...

Go ahead. Make my day.