Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Speechies Will Be All Over This One

...because of course the logic behind "tougher penalties for honour killings" must surely be the same logic that lies behind hate crime legislation.

As for myself, I don't know. If a fairly rigorous definition of an honour killing can be given, then maybe. Trouble is, the word gets tossed around rather wildly. The thing in Kingston sounds as a bit like a guy bumping off his wife for a younger woman, a crime which is not culture specific.


Gayle said...

Wow. Those are just words.

What, exactly, is he going to do? These people are already charged with first degree murder which results in a life sentence.

Ti-Guy said...

You're implying the speechies are consistent with reason and logic?

Don't be absurd. The speechies can argue for and against the exact same position, often within the same sentence.

What I do suggest is that we make sentencing really punitive for anyone killing a speechy.

Lizt. said...

Honour killing is just one of these crazy ideas, certain types have.
In the Southern US a Moslem girl , eight, was raped by Five or so boys, a little older, who were Moslems . The father of the girl refuses to have anything to do with her...same type.It is time they went by the Country's laws, not their own.

Ti-Guy said...

same type.It is time they went by the Country's laws, not their own.

What makes you think anyone is letting anyone get away with rape and murder?

You bigoted morons and your monomania with respect to isolated events. If you're worried about law and order, there are thousands (and in the US, hundreds of thousands) of acts of violence that can be attributed to all kinds of reasons that are fundamental to *our* culture.

Paul S said...

It's good to see the apologists for honour killings endemic to Islam are out in full force.

Honour killings? 4 dead including 3 children? What honour killings? Just a little bit of domestic violence. Nothing here. Move along.

bigcitylib said...

You're early, Paul S. D'you go AWOL from your rubber room?

Paul S said...

Now, now BCL. No need to descend to ti's level; that's his job to roll around in the manure.

Dr.Dawg said...

We don't need a separate law for so-called "honour killings." First-degree murder will do just fine.

How the hell is that being an "apologist for honour killings?" Who is this nutbar, BCL?

wv="boarg" Yeah, I know, resistance is futile.

bigcitylib said...

Dr. Dawg,

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but we might also charge someone with hate crimes over an assault, rather than just laying an assault charge. Why not do something similar if we could all agree on what amounts to an honour killing?

Paul S said...

"How the hell is that being an "apologist for honour killings?" Who is this nutbar, BCL?"

Did you read BCL's post? This was just a bit o' domestic violence. Nothing more.

If you expect the left to even consider that this may have been an honour killing, you are mistaken. Silence on the subject will rule the day.

Fortunately, the left's tactic of using our HRC's to silence any and all critical comment of Islam has failed.

Ti-Guy said...

Who is this nutbar, BCL?"

Check out Paul S. at Desmogblog. It's his best work. His trolling here has been desultory, at best. Standard wingnut fare: Climate change denialism and liar for freedom o' Speech. Silent on the gays, though.

Infidelgal said...

You forgot to mention that not only was "a guy bumping off his wife for a younger woman", but that he had help from his son and another wife, and that there were other victims including 3 daughters. Now you don't often hear of a crime like that in a non-Muslim "Western" cultural setting.

Or do those uncomfortable facts get in the way of your f****ed-up, immoral and dishonest logic?