Saturday, December 05, 2009

10%ers/Householders From That Flat, Rectangular Province Out West

...that I forget the name of: ...the top five big spenders are all Tories: Vellacott, Lukiwski, Scheer, Fitzpatrick, and Trost. Buncha SoCons in there too, plus Lukiswiski, whose alphabet consists entirely of As and Bs.

PS. Can someone confirm that Lukiwski's 10%ers all focus on the topic of fingernail maintenance.


Ti-Guy said...

Millions and millions of dollars spent on that garbage.

Conservatives are pigs.

Remi said...

I keep emailing the MPs that send that garbage to me. I usually try to explain that wasting tax dollars on partisan propaganda does not seem to be very conservative at all. Sometimes I suggest their talents might be better used selling Amway. Sometimes I chide them for whatever latest hypocrisy their fearless leader has gotten up to.

I know I'm tilting at windmills but it feels mildly cathartic.

Unknown said...

I live in Saskatoon and its humiliating that two of these fuck-holes have been my MP's (Trost and Vellacott). Definately not smart enough to pick up my garbage, but they sure do waste a lot of tax payer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ trying to shut down female health centers. Eat it Maurice you prick! See you on the campaign trail!

RuralSandi said...

Ah, that's nothing - I have a Con MP, Norlock who's the biggest spender of them all. Something like $87,000.

And, it's all garbage, but it is polling. Pretty much every flyer has questions - polling questions. In other words, the Cons are polling on our money as well.

robert_viera said...

Those Saskatchewan MPs have nothing on my MP, Patrick Brown. In the same three years, Brown spent $238,743 on householders and ten-percenters.