Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Canada Has Enviro Canada Parody Pages Shut Down

The government of Canada has used strong-arm tactics to shut down two parody websites criticizing Canada's poor environmental policy, taking down 4500 other websites in the process.

Pretty typical of the Harper Tories. The response of the IP in question, Germany's Serverloft, is more than a little disappointing, however:

In response to Environment Canada's request, Serverloft immediately turned off a whole block of IP addresses, knocking out more than 4500 websites that had nothing to do with the parody sites or the activists who created them. Serverloft was shown no warrant, and never called the web hosting company about the shutdown.

I have sent them a bitchy email.



Holly Stick said...

The thing is, it's the Yes Men who say 4500 sites were shut down; is there any other confirmation of that?

bigcitylib said...

That's maybe what the email will confirm, should they respond.

Unknown said...

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