Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sun Photographers Roughed Up At Olympic Run

Not by native protesters, no, by grey suited security officers.

Photographer Dave Thomas was repeatedly shoved as he tried to take pictures but was not injured. But photographer Ian Robertson, who is about 60 years old and was laden with camera gear so he was unable to defend himself, required hospital treatment for an apparent head injury after he was shoved to the ground by security officers wearing the grey Olympic uniforms.

And who are they using for security at these things? RCMP! Lucky these T.O. Sun staffers didn't get their balls tasered off. The Sun story also notes that four other employees, as well as CP photog Frank Gun, were muscled by security as well



Jim Parrett said...

The officers must've mistaken their own Sun comrades for Star photogs.

Skinny Dipper said...

I saw a different Coca-Cola/Royal Bank torchfest north of Toronto yesterday. No, I did not "boo" as I had a class of rugrats in my possession. Personally, I don't know why the RCMP has to guard the torch when VANOC could have easily hired Blackwater to guard the official doobie.

The community event that I attended had classes from different schools performing songs, mini-plays, skipping-aerobics, and bands. I felt sorry for the brass instrument musicians who likely had a hard time getting some hot air into their cold instruments. Brass instruments and cold weather don't mix well.

There were free hot dogs and hot chocolate. Students in grade-eight snuck into the local coffee shop. Teachers snuck into the local coffee shop to kick the grade-eight students out while at the same time grabbing a java to go.

Finally, the parade came. There were school floats, a contingent from the local legion, the Coca-Cola float with Coke addicts handing out free Coca-Cola Olympic flags for the children to wave. After, the Royal Bank float crawled by with its people handing out RBC paper flags.

Finally, the torch bearers floated by and within five seconds, it was all over.

Back on the bus and back in class, I asked my students what they remembered from the day:

"Free hot dogs and hot chocolate!"

There was not a mention of the Olympic spirit. No one mentioned receiving a Coca-Cola or the Royal Bank flag.

I was happy that they had a good day.