Friday, December 11, 2009

Attawapiskat School Confirmed... both Charlie Angus and INAC itself. Doesn't sound like it will get done in a hurry, though:

"INAC has dedicated an amount of $200,000 to assist the First Nation in updating its school capital planning study," said Susan Bertrand, manager of communications for INAC.

"Funding is also planned for the design and construction phases for subsequent years."

In fact, it is somewhat unclear to me how much this moves actual construction forward from the 2012 date bandied about previously.

A start at least, though: nobody should have to go to school in a trailer, esp. around Timmins in the winter.

More background here.

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double nickel said...

So they're going to spend 200g's to figure out if they need a school or not? Did I read that right?