Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cracks Appear In Multi-Faith Coalition

"Multi-Faith Coalition" are what the folks protesting Friday prayers at Valley Park Middle School.  Looks like they have already started to come unravelled, or at least some elements within the coalition are having Ron Bannerjee Problems:
No word on whether the CHP has disassociated itself from the CHA (Canadian Hindu Advocacy), because the latter group is really just Bannerjee and some old guy.  No word either on whether they also want to dissociate themselves from any Bannerjee sock-puppets. 


Hardy Weinberg said...

I wonder if CHP hopes to outlaw Islam? Like what is the point of the coalition and is it really going anywhere?

Also is the canadian hindu advocacy now out, since banerjee, their fearless leader, is out. And what does this mean for the JDL?

canadian hindu advocacy said...
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canadian hindu advocacy said...

This video was an event on 9/11/11 where the strength of the Interfaith coalition was demonstrated clearly. In addition to speeches by Banerjee, Weinstein and Tony Costa... at the 20.15 mark you will note support speeches from Nazir Bishay, President of CANADIAN EGYPTIAN CONGRESS, followed by Abed Gill of Evangelical Asian Church (21.20 mark), then Pastor Sullivan from Evangelical Asian Church (26.55) folowed by a beautiful stirring speech by Natasha Bhatti of International Christian Voice (28.05).
That IS a large number of groups with pretty large memberships..That event was a great example of brotherhood and unity in diversity which tuly brought tears to the eyes of all present.

Hardy Weinberg said...


Does this mean CHP is now out of the multifaith coalition. THe website is misleading and needs to be corrected.

What are the, now seperate, activities of CHP and the Multi-faith coalition? Is Muslim Canadian congress in one of the two coalitions?

canadian hindu advocacy said...

The core members of the coalition are CHA, JDL and Costa Christian Mission. The coalition is supported by groups like Intl Christian Voice, Evangelical Asian Church, and Canadian Egyptian Congress. MCC was never part of the coalition, but Raheel Raza's group has supported us and spoken at one of our events. We get outside support also from a few Hindu temples and other groups who are not formally in the coalition, but support us fully.

AND yes, it is misleading for CHP and to call themselves part of the coalition, since a coalition has to include more than just one group.. but CHP bought the domain... and since he owns the domain he can call himself a Coalition, a Martian, or whatever he pleases.

But those who work with the coalition and support the coalition activities .. like that 9/11 rally... have been made fully aware who is and is not in the coalition.

Those who need to know... know .. as for outsiders and enemies of our noble goals, they can go ahead and think whatever they want.

I think it is fair to say CHP is taking a different tactic in attacking this problem, and that perhaps works to our advantage. Different groups have different strengths and as long as we are all working to get rid of this abomination the the school system, it's all good.

Professor of Reeducation said...

Masking hate as 'Support for Canadian Values' is the obvious tactic here. Mr. Bannerjee has been quite active protesting many 'diverse' things, including Sikhs and Homosexuals. He does not speak for my diverse Canada, and clearly needs to get a job!

G.J. Rancourt said...

No Islam In Schools is the first Canadian entity that was established as a Multi-Faith Coalition in the fight against radical Islam. Mr. Banerjee never formally became a member of our Coalition. This is a blessing because he still has difficulty with our slogan: "Muslims=Yes, Islam=NO!"

G.J. Rancourt is CEO of CHP London and NOT CHP Canada. G.J. continues to provide support and structure to this fledgling organization. No Islam In Schools currently has a membership roster composed of Jews, Atheists and Christians. At the current time,we welcome, but do not have any Hindu or Sikh representatives.

We are all fighting a common enemy--that of radical Islam!

canadian hindu advocacy said...
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Anonymous said...

Well therre ppears to be some disharmony amongst the "co-alition". I have tried twice now to read and understand the thread of comments here and all I see is caterwauling.

I prefer my harmony with a bit more tolerance, thank you very much

Hardy Weinberg said...

This is awfully confusing, which multi-faith coalition that truly stands against those Muslims who practice Islam.

Ron, you have obviously provided some names of organizations why CHP seems to be on the fringes only working by themselves. I like you want to know which is the true coalition. Also, CHP has JDL, canadian hindu advocacy, costa mission and ect on their websites and facebook pages. Which makes it awfully more confusing? Are these groups working on different projects?

Please release a press release to resolve this, as CHP is releasing emails to both their followers and enemies stating otherwise.

G.J. Rancourt said...


do not know why it is so confusing for you. The Multi-Faith Coalition can be likened to a department store. We encourage each other fighting a common enemy. Some that are in the street demonstration department are also in the Legal Defense Department.

Hardy Weinberg said...

GJ Rancourt,

Ron Banerjee seems to claim that his multi faith coalition is independent of yours. And also seems to suggest CHP is not even in a multifaith but rather a single faith coalition.

What is confusing is that you're saying the two groups are working together, while Ron says you are not and that CHP is taking credit for their hard work.

G.J. Rancourt said...


I am starting to be convinced that you choose to not understand.

Please reread this thread of messages for I have nothing further to add nor do I have anything to prove!

canadian hindu advocacy said...

Hardy. it is very simple and I am agreeing with Rancourt here that you are complicating it more than necessary.

ANYONE can post videos on their webpage showing various groups talking. So what? Just because CHP showed up to a couple of rallies in July and built a webpage showing JDL and Costa on it .. doesnt mean JDL is part of the coalition.

Hardy, you could build a website and claim to have a coalition.

There is an actual coalition in place, and there is CHP working separately and calling themselves a coalition. So what? Groups often work individually but claim to be part of a big broad coalition to make it sound more impressive. Nothing new there, it's an old trick that's been tried for ages.

We are all working towards the same end.
Does it really make a difference? Kinda like obsessing over all the intrigues in the GOP primaries.. lotsa press and headlines, lotta smoke but no fire.

canadian hindu advocacy said...

The CHP owns the domain BUT is not part of the coalition.

The coalition consists of the original members JDL, CHA, and Costa Christian Mission. This multi faith coalition also is supported by International Christian Voice and Canadian Egyptian Congress. For details you can phone either Meir Weinstein 416-736-7000 or Tony Costa at

CHP and its owned domain is working on its own separately on this issue.

We also have an audio interview from July where both GJ and Ron Banerjee were interviewed .. and both expressed similar views. And both views would be considered (falsely) as hateful by people on this blog. We reserve the right to release this audio if we please.

canadian hindu advocacy said...

But of course when asked to provide the members of the coalition, Mr Rancourt cannot provide any other than CHP itself. As stated a quick phone call to JDL Meir Weinstein 416-736-7000 and Tony Costa will confirm that these groups are in the Coalition with Canadian Hindu Advocacy, not with CHP or . Can Rancourt provide any names and phone numbers of all these Jewish or other groups? No, I dont think so.

His 'coalition' exists in his mind only. Dont take our word for it.. phone Meir and Tony Costa. It's easy to claim to be in a coalition, much harder to actually prove it.

Also, communications with Canadian Egyptian Congress, Evangelical Asian Church, and Intl Christian Voice will reveal that they are working with Hindu Advocacy, not CHP.

If Rancourt persists in insisting that he is with some imaginary coalition, the REAL members of the coalition, ie CHA JDL and Costa Christian Mission, can send a press release verifying the truth.

CYLON said...

There certainly is a lot of underlying tension, suspicion and loathing among these ""Coalition"". Without the hatred of Muslims, they would probably be only too happy to turn on each other. What a bunch of LOSERS!!