Monday, December 12, 2011

Wind Concerns Ontario Shuts Down Blog

Due to a threat of legal action, this site will no longer be updated... about all it says.  No response yet from the "For more info" email given, the comments section has been closed, and no info on either the twitter feed or Facebook page.

For those wondering, Wind Concerns was the grassroots, or perhaps astroturf, group that so fiercely opposed McGuinty's Green Energy Act, and more generally the installation of wind turbines in rural Ontario.  I've written about them before, in particular their shady funding arrangements.

Since the provincial election, however, and not long after Mike De Souza discovered that the PWU (Power Worker's Union) was funding an secret astroturf  campaign against the Act, WCO has experienced a series of reversals.  Firstly, their President John LaForet quit the group.  Now they are knuckling under to a legal threat from who knows who? 

Has somebody lost their funding?  Seems like these guys had plenty of legal help up until the election.


Jane Wilson said...

Wind Concerns Ontario is continuing its important work, rest assured. We are experiencing some communications issues and are working on them. As to Past President John Laforet, Mr Laforet agreed to stay in his unpaid volunteer position until the October 6th election; he has now moved on in his career with all our good wishes.
Wind Concerns continues to work with support from donations by members and others, and receives no funding from any organized group. Thank you,
Jane Wilson

2bitcu3ist said...

Wind Concerns Ontario does have a new site of their own:

Loads really sluggish. Not as professional as Wind Resistance.

Archives show posts since Dec 13 2011, but updated regularly.

Anonymous said...

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