Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Jewish Defence League Crashes Vigil

Many anti Israel bloggers defamed the JDL.  The JDL according to these bloggers are worst than evil.  The JDL according to these bloggers should be sent to jail and have all their rights taken away.  However, despite all the efforts from these anti Israel bloggers, the JDL did attend the candlelight vigil.

They don't seem to have gotten any press coverage.  Anyone that attended and saw them (or didn't) please make a note in comments.

Background here.


Dr.Dawg said...

Their own link is the only reference I've found. I put out an info request on Twitter. Perhaps we can keep each other informed of what we find out.

Anonymous said...

What is it with religious extremists and their obsession with menstruation? The JDL complains about the moslem isolation of menstruating women, but Judaism has some pretty whacky ideas in this area too.
As for the subjugation of women through religious law.
And the idea for honour killings is not that far under the surface in Judaism either,7340,L-4002085,00.html

The problem is irrational bollocks that allows people to accept rubbish as an a priori truth without question.

Hardy Weinberg said...

So i was at the event, as my wife and I have attended this before. Initially it seemed the small group of JDLers were trying to crash but the marshals and police told them that this is a "safe space" and university property. So if they do enter they would have to be respectful to the attendence.

In the crowed i recognized a few reguler JDLers, Ron Banerjee, Meir weinstein, the short asian lady with grey hair, the grazy old guy with the leather cowboy hat and giant bag.

To be fair with the JDL they were quite respectful to the group. I guess also cause the marshals were keeping a hawks eye on them.

They had a few performers from the first nations community do spoken word and singing. They had aruna papp give a talk. They spoke about violence against women in a number of communities they also spoke about the high rate of deaths amongst first nations women, sex workers, immigrant and they called on people to write to their MP and ask them to oppose bill c-19, the bill to delist long-gun registry.

Also, a woman from an Islamic centre came to talk about the recent statement released by the Muslim community that condemns and works to erradicate domestic violence and honour killings. I can try to find the statement but there was stuff about it in the papers. Unfortunately when she took the stage it was the que for Benerjee and Weinstein to leave, cause obviously they close their ears when a Muslim talks any sense.

Long story short I was there and thats what happened. Kudos for JDL for controlling themseleves. However I would disagree that everything that was said at the event was a reflection of JDL's beliefs, in fact a lot of stuff that was said is the opposite of what JDL believes.

Dr.Dawg said...

Another account:

"i went and joined in as a marshall. the JDL and ron banerjee and other assorted creeps were there, and were shushed by a number of women as they talked through part of the ceremony. they were told "no banners" and "no interruptions." ironically, they left after a woman from the noor centre spoke about how this friday many mosques would be speaking about domestic violence. i can't tell y'all how creepy it was to be at a commemoration december sixth with the JDL and company. there were no confrontations -- they knew they were being watched -- and there was nothing they could do but attend somewhat silently. got to wash it all off now."

sharonapple88 said...

So, sanity won out in the end.