Monday, December 26, 2011

Journalism, Real And Fake

 Still another day's worth of eating and over-consuming left to get through, so don't expect anything too coherent until that's all been accomplished.  Until then, here's a piece on how U.S. think-tanks are setting up fake news services to feed depleted news rooms with content pushing Libertarian policies.  A step beyond what, for example, what The Fraser Institute is up to (ie spewing industry-tilted content) in that the American groups have actually hired unemployed(?) journos to cover state legislatures.


Holly Stick said...

The Fraser Institute has been pushing education more, but they manage to get quoted in Canadian media too much. Incidentally, they tried to expand into the US over a year ago: topic,6946.msg187754.html#msg187754
(I split the link after php/)
but they seem to have pulled back and changed their fraseramerica website. Probably couldn't compete.

Or maybe they still have US offices but are concealing them.

I always mention their US funding when some idiot complains about US funding for ENGOs.

jrkrideau said...

"As journalists, we ask tough questions of our sources."

This from an American journalist? After watching Canadian and UK journalists versus American cheerleaders -- oops, journalists in the leadup to the Iraq invasion I am impressed one can make such a claim.

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