Monday, December 19, 2011

Sticking Up From The Little Guys: Is Brian Lilley Sun TV's Tallest Midget?

 From the Owen Sound Sun Times:

... it's long overdue, says Lilly, whose personality, lively style and opinions -- and hairdo--resonate with viewers. He's the highest-rated TV host on the Sun News Network.

The Ez won't like hearing that, but its roughly in accord with Bureau of Broadcast Measurement numbers from late June, which were, generally speaking for the new network, crap.

In any case, Brian's previous work experience stands him in good stead, given the perilous state of the floundering station:

Born and raised in Hamilton, Lilley is actually a jack of all trades -- from bricklayer, painter, cook and waiter at a 24-hour diner, to actor, factory worker, Second Cup manager, gas station manager, and Greenpeace canvasser.

Worked in a restaurant, at a gas station...Your past may well be your future, Brian Lilley.


Southern Quebec said...

"He's the highest rated TV host on the Sun News Network"

Is this like being the brightest kid in the special ed class?

Timothy Friesen said...

Greenpeace canvasser? Shouldn't this be cause to automatically invalidate his position at SunTV?

Paul Raposo said...

Wow. He's failed at a lot of jobs. What's next after Sun News for Brian? Amway!

Steve V said...

Highest rating is hilarious, since I'll bet dollars to donuts his show BLEEDS money every time it airs.

Hardy Weinberg said...

I gotta say good for brian. His show is at the 9pm slot which is often a killer for news shows as it is competing with cbcNW the national and american news and tv programs.

I am also glad he is doing better than Levant and Coren, two pundits on the Sun I cannot stand. What sets brian apart from Levant and Coren, is that I have actually seen him invite guests he disagrees with, even though it is a very rare occurance, it is still better than nothing.

rabbit said...

The Sun News Network began in mid April. Why are June statistics being given, when the paint was barely dry? Why not November?

liberal supporter said...

Why are June statistics being given, when the paint was barely dry? Why not November?
If you have a link, why not post it? If you are getting it from the members area, you'll have to copy and paste it.
Otherwise, you'll have to wait until Jan 10, 2012.