Friday, December 16, 2011

The Most Important Thing To Happen Today In Canada...

Canada eliminated mandatory retirement Friday after the government repealed sections of the labor code that had enabled employers to force workers to retire once they reached the age of 65.

 ...and the Harper gov. deserves some rare kudos for getting it done.  An event undeservedly ignored by the youth/twitter/facebook obsessed set that run the MSM.  But more important to us oldsters who will never really have enough money to retire on and will have to work until we drop.  For us, this means we can still tell the youth of today, with their green hair and nose rings and shitty rap metal music, to go fuck themselves.  I can still keep my job; you little screwups get to flip burgers until you're 70!  Or until you get the guts to rebel and melt us all down into soylent green!  Which will be never...PUNKS!!!   Booyah!!!

PS.  Even the CHRC approves.  So it must be good.


double nickel said...

Freedom 85, baby!

Peter said...

As Canada's boomer generation ages, more and more people want to continue to work past retirement age, whether for personal or financial reasons.

Heh. And what Boomers want, Boomers get. I'm in favour, but there are two big downsides that have to be acknowledged:

A)This may restrict job opportunities for the young and lead to intergenerational conflict and resentment, angry protests in front of retirement homes and ultimately a complete breakdown of the social order;

B) We may have to put up with Jeffrey Simpson for many more years than we had hoped.

Anyong said...

You have missed an extremely important point. When mostly men in their 60's don't want to hire someone who happens to be also in their 60's, they find any slight reason not to do so. The government hasn't given one thought to that big problem. Convincing people over 60's can still think, work and contribute to the over all positives of a company or any other business without thinking over 60's should only work in Tim Horton's...the worse kind of hard work putting up with the illiterate of this country and their comments...the government has a problem that needs attention now.

rockfish said...

Any idea what the CONs have in store for their business cronies (ie. Timmy's) regarding the temporary foreign workers? Now that our unemployment rates are creeping northwardly, it would seem the CONs and Jason Kenney will trot out a 'chase em off your business, they've got veils in their pockets!' slogan... But then poor Timmy's and al will have to pay real wages with real taxes, too!