Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Only If Its A Hippy

...and only they are allowed to bludgeon him to death themselves.

h/t Bourque, who's never afraid to ask the questions that matter.  Here is the source story. The fact that this kind of thing is achieving MSM status, even if its mostly in Europe, makes me wonder about the fragility of the world economy.  Why would you worry about what a co-worker tasted like if you weren't also worried about where your next meal was coming from? 

On the other hand, whack Santa as he comes down the chimney and you can probably feed your family until summer.


Southern Quebec said...

Ezra could feed a family of five...with leftovers!

Anonymous said...

@Southern Quebec: Yes, but the toxins would surely kill them.

This book might be relevant:

Previous blurbs said that it answers questions like:
What does human taste like?
What if I like it?

As always, you may need to adjust the recipes for local climatic conditions