Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gruending On Canadian Churches, Climate Change, And Durban

Its all good, but my favorite bit is about how The National Post felt it necessary to spike Rex Murphy's geriatric rage at the fact a mere African might dare to criticize Canada's environmental record:

The advertisement generated a torrent of exaggerated invective from some of the usual suspects – including CBC Television’s Rex Murphy. The National Post newspaper said, “Archbishop Desmond Tutu should shut his trap when it comes to the oilsands.” The newspaper later removed that sentence — but not before the boorish comment was widely read and re-posted by many news organizations and NGOs.

PS. Progressives are criticizing the Durban Agreement because it accomplished so little; Deniers like Rex Murphy are criticizing its very existence.  Believe it or not, Progressives won this round, if just by a little bit.

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