Friday, December 30, 2011

Flanders Leaves The Blogosphere

 John Pacheco shuts down Socon or Bust, and the on-line world becomes a saner if less hilarious place.  My favorite Flanders story was when he ran provincially for the Family Coalition Party of Ontario. Okaley Dokalay,  Flanders! Okaley Dokaley!


Terrence said...

Wow, there is some good shit on that blog.

"Contraceptive sex is first and foremost a lie not with our lips but with our bodies because it seeks to represent something which God did not create; namely, a sterilized man or woman."

I mean, holy crap. So-cons are CRAZY.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah, they're nutz, but he was my favorite one.

Reality Bites said...

So... bust?

Omar said...

Speaking of nutz...have you or anyone else seen this Daily Split show on Vision TV? I watched a segment of it last night and whoa boy, talk about your bags of hammers. I mean, it's so over the top in its right-wing hype that I almost had to wonder if it wasn't satire. And the host? Screwball. I sure would like to know just how many Canadians there are who actually live their lives by this strange and unusual credo.