Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do Bananas Have Libel Lawyers?

I can't find it anywhere



pogge said...

Sudbury Star.

The Mound of Sound said...

Remember what happened to the last tin pot blowhard who tangled with the United Fruit Company?

Dr.Dawg said...
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Dr.Dawg said...

I must say this leaves me in an odd position. Ezra, bless him, sets out the dilemma well. I mean, what's next--Syria's Bashar al-Assad calling for a boycott of Daishowa in support of the Lubicon Cree?

Contradictions are always entertaining, but few are as mind-blowing as United Fruit displaying a conscience. Good grief.

liberal supporter said...

Today's Sun editorial sneers at Bob Rae visiting Attawapiskat, musing that Bob acts like some explorer discovering the place. It then whines that Rae is making a fuss about Attawapiskat while he did nothing about when he was Premier of the province it is located in, by ignoring Ignace Gull's appearance at a Royal Commisskon. He is therefore a hypocrite, and presumably must atone for this before anyone should pay attention to what he says, or do anything about it.

Despite this clear standard for calling hypocrisy, I'm sure we'll be told yet again "this is different", when Ezra is asked why there was no boycott when Chiquita was paying off right wing terrorists in Colombia, and does this imply he therefore supports right wing terrorists because he did not boycott Chiquita then.