Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baby Boomers Get Set To Hide The Loot

Regular readers know that I hate the youth of today: the green hair, the piercings, the stupid beards,and the fact they listen to disco music again after my generation did them all the favour of killing disco so that everything you heard on the radio  for awhile had to have at least ONE electric guitar in it.

But when I read columns like Robert Fulford's most recent, on the narcissism of the latest generation of college kids, or hear David McCullough's commencement address, I don't see a benevolent adult applying some much-needed tough love.  I see a smug prick from the baby boom getting set to pull up the ladder before  his own grand-kids get a grip on it.   Here are people who will get to retire on time with full benefits and a gold-plated walker who are willing to pass a polluted junk-ball with no decent employment opportunities on it to their kids.  Naturally, if you want to do something that crass you want to convince yourself and others in your age cohort that its the kids' own damn fault.  They deserve a life of penury, and you deserve those inlaid emeralds on the ivory straining bar bolted into the wall next to your commode that you clutch during your morning voiding.

But, unfortunately, this is how things will go until the youth wise up, rise up, slaughter their elders en masse and turn them  into Soylent Green.

Mind you, I personally am pretty cool.  Be sure to spare the old guy with the glasses and the Public Enemy t-shirt.


Harry Abrams said...

Tell them: "Soylent Green is made out of People!"

crf said...

I'll have mine without any Harper on it please.

double nickel said...

crf = Win!