Friday, June 22, 2012

Bernie Farber On Richard Warman

Two fellas I am proud to call friends.  And I would just note that this fight is not yet over.  To all you journos that teamed up with the CDN Neo-Nazi movement to effect the repeal of S13,   I can't speak for these two gentleman, but as for me I will pursue you to the gates of Hell itself, and farther if necessary.  If you guys are not unemployed or in jail when I die, then that will mean that I  have fucked up in life.



Kurt Phillips said...


Omar said...

I was blown away to read
op-ed piece in our provincial newspaper a couple of weeks ago. Unbelievable. Add another rag to the long list of newspapers I won't give the time of day to.

Meir Weinstein said...

I just do not ubderstand your post. I provide the evidence that was used to charge Zundel in the early eighties. I also gave evidence at the Deshene Commision of Inquiry of Nazi War Criminals. So i know a lot about Nazis. How dare you compare Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant and their blogger allies to Nazis. It is a fact that the PLO always worked close with Neo Nazi groups. The same is true today with the Muslim Brotherhood.