Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sun TV Pot Pourri

 David Moretta, husband of Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith, has stepped down from his position as a senior executive at Sun TV because there was...wait for it...a risk that reporters working in the Sun newsrooms would self-censor, knowing that a key executive [was] married to the Wildrose leader.  An explanation that would be far more convincing had this decision been made before the recent Alberta election.  Nah.  Rumour has it  that Moretta saw the writing on the wall when he was asked to take a pay-cut to help buy Ezra a new toop (definitely not visible in this picture),

Also,  senior government say that Sun News Network was actively involved in the decision to have bureaucrats take the place of actual new Canadians during a televised citizenship ceremony last fall.  So they lied.  Again.  Not really news, that.

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