Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Gleick Unchained!!!

Peter Gleick, who instigated the series of events that has seen  the Heartland Institute--a far right U.S.  "think" tank which that has shilled for both big-tobacco and big-oil--brought to its knees (with my help, mind you) has been given back his post at The Pacific Institute.  BOOYA!  The PI sank into intellectual pansydom by worrying about means and ends at an inappropriate moment; good to see that they're repenting of their foolishness.  All Gleick did wrong, in my opinion, was get caught conning con-men.

And when Peter Gleick goes to Heaven he will get to lounge about for all Infinity next to Jesus and Mother Gaia.  When his critics wind up in the same location, they'll be lucky if they get the seat nearest the men's washroom.

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