Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get Bob Rae A Sinecure!

BOOYAH!  Bob Rae has chosen NOT to run for LPoC leadership, which is the best thing for the party and therefore, by definition, for the nation.  If Stephen Harper won't give him a Senate seat or an ambassadorship, I suggest that CBC offer him a spot.  In particular, stick him on Hockey Night in Canada as Don Cherry's replacement in a revamped Coaches (Statesman's??) Corner.  I've watched Bob's political career, and  he's won more fights than Don ever did.  And the guy's got couth, which Don never had.

Meanwhile, Justin's got the hair but Marc makes me hot with his intelligence.  Although if Lizzie May steps in then all bets are off.  You can vote for her on Bourque.


Steve Bloom said...

Enough with fantasizing about EM! Much more and you'll get in hot water with your wife. :)

Anyway, to the extent there's any note of seriousness in this speculation, knowing Greens as I do (all too well) hardly any would cross over even if she did flip.

Holly Stick said...

While driving up Macleod Trail in the rain yesterday I got a chuckle from hearing Rae say something to the effect that he would remain a benevolent patriarch. He seems to have a sense of humour; maybe he can give it freer reign now.