Friday, June 15, 2012

Off To Ottawa blogging will probably be light.  Will be meeting up with a few like-minded folk on Sunday afternoon for beers.  And, since majority rule in Canada is boring, we'll be discussing another government that we might all work to overthrow.  Preferably in a small country where they mostly speak English.  But not New Zealand, as I hear that is even more boring than Canada.  Anyone interested in coming, let me know.

Also, there are  dark rumors out there that NP columnist Andrew Coyne, Canada's mortician in chief, intends to run for the position of Leader of the LPoC.  This would be a disaster for the party and, therefore, for the nation itself.  The guy's only claim to fame is that he allegedly knows math, which makes him a rarity among journalists.  And when I say allegedly that just means that I certainly can't confirm or deny his claims.

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