Saturday, June 23, 2012

Social Media Over-Nerd Abandons Sun Media For Postmedia, Is Still Headed For Unemployment Line

Sun Media's one guy that understands social networking has fled to abandoning The Titanic for The Lusitania, but whatever.

PS. I don't believe  that William Wolfe-Wylie is his real name.  Its probably an Internet invention like "Long Dong Silver" and etc.  But on the other hand I could be wrong.  Hippy parents did a lot of damage to the younger generation by naming their babies while on LSD.    In any case, its telling that Sun Media should be happy to see their brains leave and double-down on the knuckle dragging.

And yes if I am writing about stuff like this than its been a very slow news day in our peaceable kingdom.


double nickel said...

Give the hippie-hate a rest. Labels are absurd.

bigcitylib said...

I AM a hippy, neo-hippy at least. I ream them out from love, not hate.