Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why Is Tom MulCair Protecting Dean Del Mastro?

I get LPoC talking points delivered into my mail-box every day.  I usually ignore them, but sometimes they raise legitimate questions:

NDP Must Stop Protecting Dean Del MastroOTTAWA— Liberal Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics critic Scott Andrews made the following statement today on the Liberal motion to call Dean Del Mastro to appear before the Ethics committee:“The Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Secretary and chief apologist for Conservative election fraud, Dean Del Mastro, is under investigation by Elections Canada for allegedly violating campaign spending limits and serious questions have been raised about the conduct of his campaign.Liberals have tabled a motion to call Mr. Del Mastro before the Ethics committee to shed light on these claims in an open and transparent manner, a motion the NDP, inexplicably, seems reluctant to support. Canadians deserve answers. It is difficult to comprehend why the NDP would be helping the Harper Conservatives protect Dean Del Mastro. If they take their job as the Official Opposition seriously, they will support our motion and hold this government to account.”

So, I have a lot of NDP-inclined readers: why are you guys supporting this scum-sucker?  


thwap said...

I have no idea. I'm not a fan of Mulcair, but I can see no good reason not to interrogate Del Mastro whenever the chance arises.

It's stuff like this that makes me think that formal politics is all a complete sham.

crf said...

Maybe they think it is premature to call him; and that some further details about Del Mastro are about to be revealed.

Waiting until all the ducks are in a row, perhaps.

the salamander said...

Why even rise to all the poli-posturing, gaming & muddling and blurring? 'Don't buy into the bullshit'. Its a valuable axiom.

Del Mastro has effectively pinned himself and done a superlative job of interrogating himself.. via his own stated confusions 'I have no idea what you are talking about' and the stated confusions of his riding associates 'we will not release the requested files until Mr Del Mastro gives his permission'. .. not exact quotes.. but you get the idea.. Do you really think they didn't contact him ASAP ? And do you think they called Fred Hamilton or Guy Giorno first ?

The Peterborough election expenses contradiction seems clear regarding whether he knew he was under investigation, yet claims plaintively, mewling that he 'knew nothing .. nothinck !'. Elections Canada and media will clarify.. then the well practiced pedantic histrionics of Harper and Poiliever or Baird can be turned up a notch.. or allowed to fade.. along with Dean's federal career.. and he will not be asked to provide his 'in fact' facts by any so called 'conservative'

Del Mastro will likely gain description via official Harper verbosity as a great patriot who made a simple accounting error and was attacked and dragged down & slandered by foreign funded Haida elders or radical wild salmon and poisoned boreal wolves and is planning on spending more time with his family and his church. Has plans to work on a Masters in petro geomorphology, hydraulic fracturing processes and necessary reductions in personal and civic property rights for the better good of all westerners.

Wikipedia may not be nearly as friendly, but hey.. The Harper Government may have that oversight in hand.. and revisionist history may flourish via careful control and management.... and manure.

All that aside .. why attack someone you dream and wish Stephen Harper and his various droogs will keep trotting out to absorb broadsides and direct hits.. Think Sergeant Schultz here and his almost lovable incompetence & bluster.. from Hogan's Heroes... although Del Mastro is not serving Colonel Klink here.. far from it..

The only problem with Del Mastro's very public black eyed faux pas.. is how much red herring and sacrificial 'pulled pork' he is.. (he certainly does not qualify as sacrificial lamb !) If the Liberal Party wants to burn, slow roast him at the stake for a year.. well that might reveal some strategic weakness or need for publicity.. or scratching like chicken for scant Liberal votes..

He's walking dead politically .. carbon baby !! Radio Active
RIP politically clown ... and get back to selling cars instead of selling out your country and its citizens, Dean ...