Friday, June 08, 2012

Ethical Oil

,,,pollutes just like the other stuff.  Folks at Red Deer, Snakes Head,  and Butcher Creek should toughen up and strain it through their teeth when they drink.  Remember, putting up with this shit is in the National Interest.


double nickel said...

A little oil in the drinking water just builds up your immunity, right? Right?

Filostrato said...

What happens when you can't turn the oil off.

Shell launch party for Arctic drilling rigs

A portent of things to come?

That's two spills in Alberta now. How's the one going in Rainbow Lake?

Mogs said...

"As my brief history of oil pipeline spills in Alberta from 1970 to 2005 demonstrated, the problem of pipeline ruptures is endemic to the industry. Now with over 399,000 kilometres of pipelines under the authority of the province’s Energy Resources Conservation Board, industry specialists and regulators not only know that this system has never been free from oil spills, but that a spill-free system is an impossible goal. The recent history of pipeline ruptures in Alberta since 2006 further underlines these realities." from 'The History of Oil Pipeline Spills in Alberta, 2006-2012' by Sean Kheraj, PhD, found here, a must read:

And also by Sean, 'Alberta’s Oil Spill History' here:

The industry and their partners in crime the governments always play this down but history does not lie!