Saturday, November 09, 2013

Bernie Farber On Injustice And The Jewish Community

There is an ancient Jewish folktale which tells of a man visiting hell and being amazed to find its inhabitants all seated at long tables with fancy tablecloths, beautiful silverware and delicious food in front of them. Yet no one was eating. They were all wailing. On closer examination the visitor saw that none of them could bend their elbows. So while they could touch their food no one could bring the food to their mouths.

The visitor then went to heaven where the scene was identical: Long tables, fancy tablecloths, beautiful silverware and delicious food. And here too people could not bend their elbows.

But here no one was wailing – because each person was serving his neighbour.

The concept of human rights within the Jewish tradition is derived from such ancient Jewish folktales. Our tradition is replete with our sages reminding us of our duty to be the guardians of the world through the concept of “Tikun Olam”, the commandment that directs us to leave this world a better place.

I like Bernie.  He's an old school Liberal. Not many left anymore.

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meddy said...

// embrace the Jewish commandment of Tikun Olam, making the world a better place //

A couple of sources based on the same commandment, but perhaps not quite what Mr. Farber would have in mind.
Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם
Promoting Israeli democracy, exposing secrets of the national security state