Wednesday, November 06, 2013

More On The Rob Ford Tapes

Team Ford hired a hacker to try and destroy the first one and, yeah, the second one may actually be a sex-tape.  Oh yuk.

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Rene said...

We have yet to hear from Ethical Oil on this story. Perhaps Ezra and his ethical advocates may provide us with insights as to how that up and coming center of civilization, Fort McMurray, figures prominently in this tale of dirty deeds, mayhem and murder, drug deals and extortion.

You have to wonder how the Mayor's office, throughout this sordid tale of drug dealing mayhem, gangland extortion, a rising body count, Kijiji level amateur attempts at hacking and counter-intelligence, police investigations and media hounding, wholesale staff defections, etc. actually managed to find any time to actually address issues pertinent to the city's administration.

Yet the Mayor's Conservative Party support base continues to declare its devotion and faith in the Mayor's leadership. Police Chief Blair, for his part, claims after viewing the contents of both tapes that he is "disappointed" with the Mayor.