Saturday, November 16, 2013

On The Idea Of John Tory As Mayor Of Toronto

Apparently, his nascent bid for mayor is "building steam".  Some might note that steam is all you ever get out of the guy, but that would be mean.  And of course there is this from Chris Stockwell, former Ontario minister and House Leader under Mike Harris
As for me, there's no way I'll vote for John Tory if RoFo is also running.  We need an anti-Ford candidate that can score enough votes out in the suburbs to put a stake through that fat bastard.  And Olivia Chow looks to be the one.

But if Rob Ford were to go away tomorrow, or any time before next October, what then?  The possibility is not unlikely.   Some Liberals I know will for Chow reluctantly because the specter of a second Ford term gives them the shakes.  But in his absence,  a red Tory, a businessman with a conscience, might seem a compelling option.

And, as an aside, I think Ford Nation is ready to surrender. I'm a Scarborough resident, and I frequent many bars where working men go when they need to chill out after a crack binge.  The mood has changed over the past week or so, from "I don't care, he's my mayor!" to  jokes about cunnilingus.  The guy's a stiff.  But if a 1,000 people run he can still win with 20% of the vote.   So that's how things stand today.

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