Friday, November 29, 2013

Help Me, I'm Trapped At Tim Horton's

...while the wife fights for scraps at a Black Friday sale.

I don't frequent Tim's, ever since our repressive Conservative government made them a symbol in the Canadian culture wars. Basically, every cup you drink is like voting for Hitler.

And I remember its being on the bitter side; this stuff is not 100% awful.  Although I hear the '36 Olympics were pretty fab too.


CuJoYYC said...

There MUST be a locally owned, independent café somewhere nearby that you can support. Be a good local, latte Liberal, not a corporate complainer that does nothing to back up his/her beliefs.


#NoStarbucks #UnchainYourself #LocalBizRocks #IndieBusinessRules

sinned34 said...

I can't stand coffee. I much prefer beer instead. And I make my own beer from Canadian malted barley. I even started growing my own hops.

Is that liberal enough?

Omar said...

Hahaha ...this showed up on my On This Day function on Facebook where I had linked to it. I still loath TH's, but I must admit I do enjoy a take away cup of their new-ish Dark Roast from time to time.