Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The New OLP Ad

If the theme isn't obvious, Greg Sorbara offers a little exegesis:

In this bold new ad, we see a woman who's truly fit to lead.

No matter how rough the road, no matter how great the challenge, Kathleen won't stop until she's reached her goal –  a brighter future for people in every corner of this province.

It's probably significant that Wynne, a T.O. pol if there's ever been one, is seen jogging along a road somewhere in rural Ontario.  Along with taking on the role of Argiculture Minister and showing up at every cattle show South of Oil Springs, this is meant to symbolize the fact that, for her, Ontario extends past the boundaries of the GTA.  

Its interesting too that the ad focuses on Kathleen rather than OLP policies.  That means that the party, as well as the pollsters, have realized that her personals stack up well against those of her rivals. Think of the same ad with Tim Hudak in it.  He'd stop after 1 K to kick a hippy.

So, in the end, do I like it?   Meh.  But Ontario does have some pretty scenery.

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Paul Kuster said...

That appears to be the Forks of the Credit rd in Caledon. I recognize the hairpin turn. Home of a few of the Eatons families, Near Elton Johns res, Devils Pulpit GC ( Trivial Pursuit guys) and a few more very well off folks. Certainly NOT typical rural or Ag Ont. Few miles up Hwy 10 and she could've run amongst the Melancthon turbines. I wonder why not....