Friday, November 22, 2013

On The Arrival Of Target In Canada

Or Tar Ssshay, as the richy-rich 1%er  types like to pronounce it.  

Basically, the stores I've been to look like an abandoned Walmart.  No product on the shelves, no staff in sight.  Babies crying.  Although you get that last bit at Walmart too.  So, nothing that would make you switch from shopping at Walmart. 


Anonymous said...

I went into the Target in Brossard,(Que) to get socks and some t-shirts. Pretty basic, eh? The t-shirts were could spit through them and they had one pair of socks on the shelf. Almost no one in the store and not an English sign around. (FU Target)

Will not be returning. I have visited the Target in Plattsburgh, NY and it is not bad.

Why do they hate Canada?

Scotian said...

The only good thing I found at the one I went to in Halifax was the bathrooms were well set up for disabled people to get their wheelchairs in and out of (my mother has needs that way). That however was the ONLY good thing we found about it, and after a half an hour of going through the store realized this place had nothing for us. If this is how they plan to compete, the only competition will be in regards to the record for going out of business after nationwide launch.

Steve Bloom said...

Maybe what you meant, but I believe the native pronunciation is more accurately rendered "Tar-zhay."

bigcitylib said...

Steve, That works too.